Unique technology secures ANS’s status as a global provider

Business activities Applied Nano Surfaces (ANS) is active in tribology and friction minimization. ANS has developed methods for the cost-effective treatment of surfaces to achieve low friction and less wear. Its business model involves offering products on a license basis and charging for direct materials.

Business activities

ANS helps customers implement its methods and products directly into their existing production processes or to find solutions delivered by ANS partners. ANS Triboconditioning® is a method that gives steel and cast iron components smoother surfaces and a frictionreduction coating. This reduces energy consumption and thereby also energy costs. The treatment is mechanical, and uses the same type of machinery already used in production in turning, honing or grinding processes etc. Accordingly, the cost of the treatment is low and it is easy to implement as a final stage in existing production processes.

ANS Tricolit® is a spray-based friction-reduction coating that can be applied to many different types of material, such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel and plastic. Tricolit® is integrated into the customer’s production process or provided by a supplier. ANS works in close cooperation with Bodycote, a company that offers surface coating, heat treatment and hot isostatic pressing, to offer Tricolit® treatment to customers worldwide. Tricolit® can also be combined with Bodycote’s own offering to further broaden the applications and customer base. ANS customers are active in segments where energy losses or wear on components is significant, such as in combustion engines, plain bearings, compressors and pumps, material handling systems, etc.