Cost-effective lightweight tanks for small to medium-sized vehicle volumes

TechROi Fuel Systems is a system supplier of fuel systems to the automotive market. The company develops, tests and produces complete stainless steel fuel systems. Through strategic cooperation with a steel supplier, the company has been able to develop innovative solutions that are easier and more suitable for smaller volumes than today's dominant plastic solutions.

Business activities

The advantage of TechROi Fuel Systems' innovative fuel systems in realtion to today's plastic tank systems is, in addition to its being able to expand the tank volume up to 5 percent, that it's 100 percent recyclable, resistant to all known fuels, more cost-effective for low and medium volumes, and superior from a logistical perspective. The reason that logistics can be improved significantly is because the tank halves are welded together late in the production process, thus avoiding transporting molded plastic tanks with air. Otherwise, the same standard components are used.

TechROi Fuel Systems currently has their development office, lab and prototype workshop in Trollhättan and their production is in Bengtsfors.