Innovative 360° material handling

MaxTruck is an innovator that has developed a unique allaround forklift with multiple patent protection and hightech solutions for more efficient and safer material handling for the manufacturing industry.

Business activities

The initial objective is to establish the company through a comprehensive retail network on Europe’s major markets. The product is relevant to most sectors that handle materials with varying levels of service in indoor environments. Initially, MaxTruck is focusing on sectors that frequently handle long loads, such as house manufacturers and the sheet metal industry. The advantages of MaxTruck include the Maxhjulet wheel which enables 360° rotation from a stationary position, and a combination of visibility and flexibility in goods handling as a result of our side-mounted telescopic boom. In addition, MaxTruck has a patented hydraulic system and an efficient synchronous motor for increased accessibility and reduced environmental impact.

MaxTruck is extremely flexible with multiple tools, such as a service platform that can be raised up to 8 meters and eliminates the need for a skylift. In combination with a patented safety system that minimizes the risk of injury to drivers and damage to goods, plus a low servicing requirement, this means that we have a significant competitive advantage on the market. At present, MaxTruck is established on three markets outside Sweden: Turkey, Switzerland and Benelux, and start-ups on 5- 7 additional markets are scheduled for next year. MaxTruck’s head offices are in Östersund, Sweden, production and development is based in Bjurholm and its sales office is in Stockholm.