Software and leading-edge expertise for the automotive industry

ARCCORE is a supplier of specialist services for the automotive industry and proprietary software products based on the internationally established AUTOSAR standard, which defines the software architecture of embedded electronic systems in the automotive industry.

Business activities

The product portfolio consists of software platforms and associated tools adapted for modellers, developers and integrators of embedded electronics systems. These systems are a pre-requisite for the advanced functionality of modern vehicles and are essential for safe and more environmentally sound vehicles.

ARCCORE also delivers services in the form of development projects and expertise. We accept projects of varying scope, ranging from individual specialist services to a complete development team that configures, integrates and implements an entire electronics system for a car manufacturer or subcontractor. ARCCORE’s customers include several types of operators, from automotive manufacturers and subcontractors to research institutes and universities, who are directly or indirectly involved in developing embedded electronic systems for the automotive industry. ARCCORE now has global market reach, with customers in Asia and Europe, ranging from small specialists to multinational corporations.