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Fouriertransform is a state-owned venture capital company which shall, on a commercial basis, strengthen the international competitiveness of the Swedish automotive cluster.

The company follows the government guidelines for communication. You can read more about this in the document entitled Guidelines for external reporting by state-owned companies published by the Government Offices of Sweden.

This website is made available by Fouriertransform AB (hereafter called Fouriertransform) for the purpose of providing general information about the company and its operations. By visiting this website you are accepting Fouriertransform's web policy. You should not use or download anything from this website unless you accept the terms and conditions.

Website content

Fouriertransform's website is the company's main information channel. The aim is therefore to provide a website with content that is as updated and complete as possible. Fouriertransform cannot, however, guarantee that all information is correct, current and complete.

Fouriertransform's website contains links to external websites. These links are intended to help the user find additional information. Fouriertransform does not take responsibility for the content of the websites reached through the links, nor for any products or services that are offered on those websites.

As a user, you bear responsibility for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that may occur while you are using the website. This also applies to websites that Fouriertransform provides links to.


All of the content in this website is owned by Fouriertransform and is protected by the copyright law. Material from the website may be downloaded, printed out, examined and distributed for personal, non-commercial use. The content is not to be used for commercial use and it is not permitted to make changes to the material.

Visitor integrity


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Fouriertransform's website uses cookies – both permanent and session cookies. They are used to gather web statistics; to find out how many unique visits the website has received and how many times various pages are displayed. This gives Fouriertransform the information it needs to improve the website and make it more user-friendly.

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Handling of personal data

Fouriertransform safeguards the integrity of every individual visitor. The website has no functions requiring you as a visitor to provide any personal data.

Other information

Fouriertransform has the right to update and change both the website and the web policy at any time.

Questions about the website and web policy

If you have any questions about the website or web policy you are very welcome to contact Melinda Forssell, Executive Assistant and web editor.