Vicura is developing the driveline systems of the future

Vicura is a high-tech company focused on developing whole or parts of transmissions in the vehicles of the future and for other industrial applications.

  • Part of a complete transmission system

Business activities

The transmission is part of a vehicle’s drivelin esystem in which there is development towards increased integration between a vehicle’s various components and systems. This development requires expertise in developing driveline and control systems, which are important and significant parts of Vicura’s business and operational areas.


  • The market for Vicura’s services is in a period of strong growth. The automotive industry in particularis constantly evolving and experiencing increasing globalization. Efficiency improvement is also a significant driving force
  • There is rapid developing in the environmental area in which there are new efficiency requirements for driveline and power transmission systems. In the automotive industry there is fast development towards hybrid systems in which fossil fuel powered and electric powered engines and systems need to work together
  • Subcontractors to the automotive industry face major challenges in offering attractive concepts in a global perspective, while also being strong and active partners locally where development work and production meet
  • Vicura has retained its strong position in a competitive market as an actor with many years of experience in development combined with production

Significant events during the year

  • Vicura’s role as a long-term partner to global developers and manufacturers was successfully strengthened
  • For Vicura’s business development in Sweden, the company’s local presence and an established offering developed in close cooperation with customers yielded results in the form of more business transactions and projects
  • Increased demand for software development helped Vicura’s growth in the Controls business area
  • Vicura’s origins and base in West Sweden have led to strong and intensified partnerships with an OEM player
  • Increased demand in testing and verification provided Vicura with good business for the company’s testing and verification services