Smart Eye – technology that keeps track of where you’re looking

Smart Eye is the world-leading supplier of eye tracking technology in the automotive and aviation industry segments. The company sells systems that, in real-time, measure the behavior of the eye through advanced image processing algorithms. Smart Eye develops and sells systems, software and services to OEM partners. Around 90 percent of sales are exports.

Business activities

The main products are Smart Eye Pro, which is mainly sold to simulators and research laboratories around the world, and AntiSleep and Blackbird for advanced systems in vehicles. In 2014 the company launched an additional product, Aurora, a versatile eyetracker offering high performance in a small format. In addition to measuring the position of the eye and where it is looking, the products also track head position, translation, how wide the eye lid is open and the size of the pupil. From this basic data, more detailed measurements can be extra-polated to determine, for example, fatigue, visual distraction and stress.

Smart Eye Pro is the only system in the world that can take measurements with up to eight cameras simultaneously and thereby meet the requirements of the most advanced research simulators. The system can functionin any light levels – from a dark simulator to an aircraft cockpit.


  • Smart Eye is now firmly established in the eye tracking research market
  • 50 percent of sales go to the automotive industry and 30 percent to the aviation industry. More than 90 percent of sales are exports
  • New camera technology is making it possible for a new generation of eye trackers to take over the market.They are smaller, cheaper and more energy-efficient
  • As advances are made in camera development, eye tracking technology is growing and is now on its way into a mass market at an accelerated pace. Withina few years, eye tracking will be found in both the automotive industry and in consumer electronics
  • Smart Eye is one player in an exclusive group of international companies positioned for the expansion in the years ahead

Significant events during the year

  • Smarteye completed a new share issue of 80 MSE listed on Nasdaq First North in December 2016
  • Autoliv and Smart Eye collaborate around an autonomous vehicle system that is featured at the event, CES
  • Smart Eye delivers to the Volvo Cars Drive Me project