Rototest International – Setting a new standard for testing and developing vehicle drivelines

Rototest International is a global supplier of highperformanceand patented solutions for testing vehiclesand their drivelines.

Business activities

Applications are mainly in researchand development in the automotive industry and atuniversities, but are also in the areas of quality assurance, racing and aftermarket. Unlike traditional testing technology which uses “rolling roads,” Rototest offers hub-mounted dynamometers which provide much higher measurement accuracy, better repeatability, greater flexibility and higher cost-efficiency.

Rototest’s head office is in Rönninge, south ofStockholm. The company offers a full range of flexible vehicle testing systems for applications from traditional vehicle testing to the development of the next generationof electric/hybrid super sports cars.


  • The automotive industry spends SEK 5 billion a year on testing equipment and services (estimated to increase annually by around 3 percent)
  • The market today is dominated by two actors, both delivering traditional technology using rolling roads
  • Traditional technology cannot deliver the repeatability, measurement accuracy and flexibility that today’s and tomorrow’s drivelines require –hub-mounted technology is needed for that
  • Rototest’s hub-mounted technology is patented and have been installed in more than 100 systems around the globe
  • One and the same Rototest system can, in a flexible way, test everything from individual components to partial systems and whole vehicles

Significant events during the year

  • The company completed several correlation projects alongside customers, confirming that Rototest’s technology delivers better and more precise results
  • The company continued the vigorous expansion of its contact network, in Europe and on Asian and US markets.