Pelly Intressenter AB – Attractive, functional and high-quality storage solutions for the home

The company was founded in 1947 and its base and origins are in Hillerstorp in Småland.

Business activities

Production takes place in Hillerstorp and in Kaunas in Lithuania. Based on many years of experience, the Pelly Group has created worldleading production technology that can be used in a number of areas. Through close cooperation with keycustomers and by offering high-quality products anda highly-automated production apparatus, the company has established itself as a leading supplier in the furniture industry in the Nordic region and elsewhere in Europe, and is well-positioned for future expansion opportunities.

Pelly develops products based on Scandinavian design traditions and the desire among Scandinavian customers for simple and clean designs. The company’sobjective is to help create smart and functional storage solutions for the home. The products help bring order to kitchens, bathrooms and closets. The focus is good functionality without compromising on design and aesthetics. The brands Pelly and Mirro own several protected designs and patents for a number of storage products.

Pelly’s customers are in the B2B segment in the kitchen and closet industry. Mirro sells its products to endconsumers through distributors.

The company’s business operations are characterized by an approach to sustainability where sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Here, the priorities include minimizing the use of materials and resources, and improving transport efficiency. Wood residues from the production process are made into pellets which are then sold to thermal power stations. 


  • The storage market is growing steadily, mainly driven by urbanization in society which is creating a demand for better storage solutions
  • The competition in the global market for storage solutions is tough and it is an advantage to have a local presence and understand consumer needs
  • Combining design with functionality is increasingly important
  • Pelly is engaged in B2B sales. The company is one ofthe leading suppliers in this segment in the Nordicregion for interior design and home storage products with around 45 percent of the market
  • The customers are leading manufacturers of kitchen and closet cabinetry
  • The company sells sliding doors and storage solutions in the Swedish and Nordic markets under the brands Mirro and Pelly System. The customers are retail chains and independent retailers
  • The products are also sold successfully in the B2B market to large construction companies and house manufacturers