Osstell AB – global market leader in measuring dental implant stability

Osstell is a Swedish medical technology company founded in 1999. The company has 17 employees and had sales of SEK approximately SEK 42 million in 2015.

Business activities

Osstell develops, manufactures and sells an instrument and accessories used to measure dental implant stability. Dental implants consist of titanium screws that are inserted in a hole drilled in the jawbone. To ensure the implant has fused properly with the jawbone, a peg is attached to the implant. Osstell’s instrument, called Osstell ISQ, measures the subsequent stability of the implant. Osstell’s technology enables a contact-free measurement method for implants, which is very significant. The ISQ instrument can measure how firmly the implant is attached without touching the actual implant. This means that measurement can take place without interfering with the implant or osseointegration, and without the risk of the implant. Osstell’s goal is to improve implant treatment globally by measuring all implants using Osstell’s technology.

The method and the technology are globally patented and the instruments are manufactured in factories in Kungsbacka and Vänersborg, Sweden.

Marketing to customers is at conferences, trade fairs, online, participation in scientific studies and local distributors who market products to end-customers, i.e. dental clinics and dentists who perform implant procedures. Osstell’s geographical market is worldwide. 


  • Osstell is currently represented on 55–60 markets and has strong support from opinion-leaders in the implant market
  • With its head office in Sweden, Osstell also has an office in the USA and is represented in Germany
  • Every year around 10 million dental implant procedures are performed globally
  • Osstell has market penetration of around 5 percent, calculated as the percentage of dentists who perform implant procedures and have purchased the instrument
  • Osstell’s products offer superior customer benefits, which have been verified in more than 700 clinical studies. These include reduced treatment periods, better treatment of high-risk patients and fewer unsuccessful implant procedures
  • The European market has good growth potential, but the greatest potential is in the USA and Asian markets
  • More patients are getting implants and can afford treatment 

Significant events during the year

  • Next-generation product Osstell IDx was launched in the US and Europe in the year, and will be launched on more markets in 2016. It replaces the current generation, which was launched in 2009
  • In 2015, Osstell recruited a number of key staff in sales and product ownership, while projects aimed at improving marketing communication also commenced, and several new, influential practitioners associated with the company
  • Osstell entered a major contract with an OEM partner. The first products will be delivered in Q4
  • Expected sales growth in 2015 of 5-10 percent