Lamera – a tech enterprise specializing in lightweight materials

Over the past decade, Lamera has been developing and improving an idea sourced from Volvo into a commercially viable product. This product is based on the latest lamination technology, and the result is a unique patented and malleable composite (a sandwich material called Hybrix) that weighs about 50 percent less than conventional steel, but has the same strength.

Business activities

Hybrix also has 16 percent less environmental impact than stainless steel and aluminum, and 40 percent less environmental impact than copper, viewed from a lifecycle perspective. Recently, Lamera’s team have succeeded in cutting manufacturing costs significantly, offering great potential to Bring Hybrix to a raft of new markets, where superior performance and pricing are critical factors. As part of Lamera’s commercialization process, and to address increased demand from customers, the company will now be investing in a new production line and upscaled marketing activities. Its vision is to revolutionize the sheet metal industry, exactly as chipboard once revolutionized the wood processing industry. Lamera wants to be a world leader in the development and manufacture of malleable lightweight sandwich materials with metal surfaces. 


  • The need for lightweight materials will grow substantially over the next 20 years, primarily to address the demand to reduce CO2 emissions, and increasing transportation costs. Lamera’s Hybrix product will enable customers that need high performance to replace stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum plate with Hybrix, but employ the same surface materials, and thus achieve a 50 percent weight reduction compared to solid metal plate
  • Lamera’s Hybrix product is primarily applicable to, or replaces, steel and aluminum products in the thickness range of 0.5—2.2 mm. The estimated the value of the global market based on these products is currently some EUR 280 billion. Hybrix is considered applicable, and could be a competitor, on some 10 percent of the total market 

Significant events during the year

  • Major multinationals in various sectors such as consumer electronics and automotives, are now showing great interest in the lightweight material Hybrix. The material is already being used by international aerospace companies, in several Swedish hospitals, and building frontages on Kungsportsavenyn, Gothenburg’s landmark street address
  • Delivery and installation of machinery for the new production facility was in Q4 2015, and production start-up is scheduled for Q1 2016
  • The company is considering its options for growth potential in new customer segments
  • The company is currently focusing on three main segments, Electronics, Automotive and Construction
  • Lamera is currently adding resources to its organization