Alelion Energy Systems AB – leading the transformation towards sustainable and superior batteries

Alelion Energy Systems AB develops, manufactures and markets complete energy storage systems based on the very latest battery technology—currently lithium ion technology.

  • Battery management system

  • Battery management system

Business activities

Lithium ion technology provides very high energy density and operating time relative to weight, which, combined with pricing, being maintenance free and service life are critical factors. The technology under the shell of a lithium ion battery is completely different and significantly more advanced than earlier battery technology. For users this means greater ease of handling and use, making this technology very profitable in some segments. The new technology is also superior from a sustainability perspective. Avoiding the use of toxic lead and sulphuric acid while reducing the carbon footprint compared to older technologies generates significant environmental gains, while other technological benefits increase cost effectiveness.

Alelion’s products are based on modular systems that are adapted to optimize customer applications or best meet their needs. The lithium ion cells are produced by external manufacturers, mainly in Asia, although battery manufacture and system integration with customer applications takes place at the company’s plant in Mölndal, Sweden, and is also carried out by a Swedish contract manufacturer. Alelion’s customers are product manufacturers and major battery end-users, mainly in Europe. The company focuses primarily on material handling applications, where there is significant demand for improved performance, longer life and sustainable solutions.

The company is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. 


  • The technology transition from lead-acid to lithium ion technology has started in the electric forklift truck segment, where demand is growing and actual transactions are being made with world-leading forklift truck manufacturers and their end-customers
  • The global lead battery market for this segment has annual sales of SEK 22 billion, of which the EU provides SEK 7 billion
  • Only a few competitors have finished products and none enjoy a position similar to Alelion’s with leading forklift truck manufacturers. Alelion was the first to produce a general 24V forklift truck battery and has now also launched several 48V models for specific forklift truck applications. A broad program of 24V and 48V models is scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2016
  • Sustainability aspects play a clear role when potential customers are considering switching to lithium ion technology. Apart from eliminating the use of lead in customer operations, lithium ion technology significantly reduces the energy losses compared to lead-acid batteries 

Significant events during the year

  • In 2015 a major end-customer introduced forklift trucks using Alelion's lithium ion batteries in its internal online store. The customer is focusing on a complete transition from lead-acid to lithium ion over a two-year period for all new forklift truck orders
  • Batteries were shipped for installation in existing forklift trucks used for handling champagne at one of France’s most renowned producers
  • Alelion’s batteries are now part of the product range of one of the world’s largest forklift truck manufacturers. More models are also about to be introduced
  • A number of batteries specially equipped for automatic handling in driverless forklift trucks were also delivered to this same manufacturer. Installation of the project has now been completed with an end-customer in the Dutch dairy industry.
  • A collaboration with another of the world’s three largest forklift truck manufacturers began in the year. A broadbased model program with this manufacturer will be launched in the first quarter of 2016