The goal is long-term
value creation

Fouriertransform’s investment focus is on companies and projects in the Swedish industrial cluster. The investments are aimed at areas where there is particularly strong potential for the Swedish manufacturing industry to hold up well to the competition.

Fouriertransform is a long-term industrial partner that contributes both resources and capital to the projects it invests in.

Important projects are evaluated with the objective of Fouriertransform being a flexible partner so that the investment can be adapted to the specific situation of each company. Fouriertransform aims to make the investment process as smooth and fast as possible.

Once an investment is made, Fouriertransform’s goal is to play a significant role in ensuring the company has access to qualified industry expertise and other expertise. This is done through board representation and thanks to Fouriertransform’s extensive network in industry and in the research and development cluster. Fouriertransform works with private sector players as well as the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova (SwedishGovernment Agency for Innovation Systems), and stateowned venture capital company Almi Företagspartner, among others.