1. 2014

  2. Interim Report July - September, 2014

    Regulatory information
  3. Big interest in minority investment in growth companies 

  4. Semi-annual report and interim report for Q2 2014

    Regulatory information
  5. High investment pace with a total investment of SEK 287 million, of which SEK 200 million was invested in five new companies

  6. Fouriertransform and MVI are investing in the company along with the management of SMP Parts. MVI will be the majority shareholder and after the transaction Fouriertransform will hold a 43% stake in the company.

  7. Erik Sterner from EQT and Mattias Silfversparre from Layline Partners will take up new positions as Investment Directors at Fouriertransform during the month of August.

  8. Fouriertransform is investing together with the management of APR Automation. Following the transaction Fouriertransform will own 49 percent of APR Automation.

  9. Intense marketing activities and investment pace with three new investments totaling SEK 145 million during the quarter

  10. Visa fler