1. 2013

  2. Stockholm-based medical technology company, SciBase AB, has developed a unique, patented method for the detection of malignant melanoma and has started selling its product.

  3. Interim Report Q3, 2013

    Regulatory information

    Surge in interest following decision on Fouriertransform’s expanded mandate

  4. Surge in interest following decision on Fouriertransform’s expanded mandate

  5. Finnish automotive industry is recovering and sales are picking up. One expression of this optimism can be found in a multimillion order for test equipment from Swedish high tech company Rototest.

  6. Growth company Rototest defies the weak general economy in southern Europe and wins yet another prestige order from Italian OEM.

  7. Energy technology company PowerCell’s innovative S1 fuel cell stack was examined by President Barack Obama during his recent state visit to Sweden. President Obama had specifically requested to study some outstanding Swedish energy technology innovations at a visit to the Royal Institute of Technology, and PowerCell’s S1 fuel cell stack was part of three innovations selected to be personally demonstrated to the US President.

  8. Rototest expands


    With exports raising, Swedish growth company Rototest brings on board a new CEO and shifts into a higher gear.

  9. Swedish state-funded venture capital company Fouriertransform AB invests in Rototest International AB located in Rönninge, Stockholm. The investment is made in the form of a direct share issue and a convertible loan.

  10. Semi-annual and interim report for Q2

    Regulatory information

    Focused value creation for portfolio companies

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