1. 2012

  2. Interim report Q3, 2012

    Regulatory information

    Many investment applications but decisions on hold

  3. At the beginning of 2012, EELCEE AB implemented a new share issue and has since accelerated its mass production development for customers and built up its own production. The company's organization is constantly being strengthened and, from September 2012, it will have Björn Wessman at the helm as CEO.

  4. Semi-annual and interim report Q2, 2012

    Regulatory information

    Uncertain market generates more investment contacts

  5. FlexProp AB in Halmstad manufactures and sells production equipment of composite materials for the automotive and aerospace industries that provide significant cost and environmental savings. The company has developed very well during Fouriertransform ownership and is now ready for the next phase of expansion.

  6. Fourier transform makes the investment together with the current owners, CEO Goran Bredinger and Vice President Håkan Johannesson. Following the transaction, Fouriertransform will have an ownership of 49 per cent.

  7. Fouriertransform is investing SEK 10 million, through a rights issue, in ArcCore AB in Gothenburg. ArcCore is a product development company specializing in AUTOSAR-compliant software for control devices within the automotive industry.

  8. Pelagicore Starts Munich office together with Key Qt Automotive Staff

  9. Interim report Q1, 2012

    Regulatory information

    Retaining technical expertise following the SAAB bankruptcy

  10. Swedish ANS announces partnership with hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg

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