1. 2010

  2. Fouriertransform is investing around SEK 9 million through a private placement in Uppsala company Applied Nano Surfaces Sweden AB, which has developed an innovative process technology to reduce friction losses in mechanical systems.

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    • Saab Automobile transmissions development divested to new company fully owned by investor consortium and staffed by former Saab Automobile engineers
    • New company called VICURA will focus on transmission technology development for the international vehicle industry
    • Next step in Saab Automobile restructuring secures more efficient operations
    • Agreement allows Fouriertransform to secure strong engineering base and further develop competitive edge for Swedish vehicle industry

  4. Fouriertransform has decided due administration reasons to move forward the publishing date for the Year-end report 2010 from February 10, 2011 to February 8, 2011.

  5. Interim report Q3, 2010

    Regulatory information

    Sweden is strong but the situation is mixed in other countries

  6. Semi-annual and interim report Q2, 2010

    Regulatory information

    Positive signals from the market, but future remains uncertain

  7. Fouriertransform is investing SEK 7 million, through a rights issue, in Max Truck AB of Östersund – a company that has produced a new model of electric forklift offering unique maneuverability and a high degree of flexibility.

  8. Fouriertransform invests SEK 20 million through a rights issue in El-Forest AB, the developer of the world's first forestry machine using series hybrid technology. A technology that enables many environmental improvements.

  9. Fouriertransform (FTAB) invests SEK 28 million in a rights issue in Alelion Batteries AB, which manufactures energy storage systems primarily for the automotive industry. Alelions system is used in, among other vehicles, the Fiat 500 electric car.

  10. Anna Zetterlund has been recruited by Fouriertransform as its Chief Accountant and will take up her position on November 1st. Anna joins Fouriertransform from Inter IKEA Investments in Stockholm, where she was Financial Controller.

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