Interim Report Q3, 2013


  • The net result for the quarter was SEK 0.8 million (22.4) excluding unrealized gains in investments in securities of SEK 59.2 million
  • Total cash flow was SEK -9.3 million (-27.3), of which investments in new and existing portfolio companies accounted for SEK -50.3 million (-8.6) including directly attributable costs
  • Cash and bank balances and investments in securities at the end of the quarter amounted to SEK 2,179 million (2,546)
  • Fouriertransform held an extraordinary shareholders meeting on August 20, 2013 at which a decision was taken to expand the company's mandate to include other segments of the manufacturing industry in addition to the automotive industry
  • During the quarter Fouriertransform approved a new investment in RotoTest International AB in Rönninge of SEK 12.3 million
  • Fouriertransform approved follow-on investments during the quarter of SEK 36.6 million in five existing portfolio companies
  • During Almedal Week Fouriertransform held a seminar on the theme "How Sweden can guarantee the success of its automotive industry."
  • Since the start in 2009 Fouriertransform has approved investments totaling SEK 945 million in 19 companies in the Swedish automotive cluster for a combined investment with syndication partners totaling around SEK 2.8 billion