Semi-annual and interim report Q2, 2012


Uncertain market generates more investment contacts

Significant events in the second quarter

  • The net result for the quarter was SEK 16.5 million (13.8)
  • The result was mainly affected by dividends of SEK 35.0 million from fixed income and mutual funds, capital gains of SEK 31.7 million from the sale of fixed income fund holdings and an unrealized write-down of fixed income and mutual fund holdings of SEK -22.2 million
  • Total cash flow was SEK -46.6 million (-16.7) of which investments in portfolio companies accounted for SEK -74.3 million (-22.7) including directly attributable costs
  • Cash and bank balances and investments in securities amounted to SEK 2,539 million (2,686)
  • In April Fouriertransform approved an investment in ArcCore AB in Gothenburg of SEK 10 million and in May an investment in CeDe Group AB in Malmö of SEK 50 million
  • In June Fouriertransform sold its entire holding in the portfolio company FlexProp AB in Halmstad to the principal shareholder Strömberg Innovation AB
  • Since the start of operations in 2009 Fouriertransform has approved investments of SEK 566 million in sixteen companies in the Swedish automotive cluster for a combined investment with syndication partners totaling SEK 1.8 billion