Year-end report, 2011


Great interest in Fouriertransform's activity

Significant events in the fourth quarter


  • The net result for the quarter was SEK 27.5 million (-32.0) excluding unrealized gains in investments in securities of SEK 15.0 million
  • The result was affected primarily by dividends from managed mutual and fixed income funds in the amount of SEK 25.7 million and a reversal of a write-down of the net asset value of mutual funds in the amount of SEK 15.6 million
  • The total cash flow was SEK -3.7 million (15.2) of which investments in portfolio companies accounted for SEK -20.6 million (-10.1) including directly attributable costs
  • At the end of the quarter, cash and bank balances and investments in securities amounted to SEK 2,604 million (2,729)
  • In December Fouriertransform decided on an investment in EELCEE AB in Stockholm of SEK 50.0 million
  • In 2011 Fouriertransform decided to invest SEK 83.5 million in four companies in the Swedish automotive cluster
  • Since the start of operations in 2009, Fouriertransform has approved investments of SEK 491 million in fourteen companies in the Swedish automotive cluster
  • In January 2012, Fouriertransform approved an investment in a new engineering company in Trollhättan, LeanNova Engineering AB