Semi-annual and interim report Q2, 2010


Positive signals from the market, but future remains uncertain

  • Fouriertransform approved two new investments totaling SEK 48 million; at the end of the quarter, Fouriertransform had invested a total of SEK 295 million in seven companies since 2009
  • Fouriertransform worked intensively on the company’s marketing and strategic orientation and gave around thirty external presentations
  • The Board of Directors prepared policy documents such as the Ownership Policy, Code of Conduct including Sustainability Policy, and Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Additional staff with experience in venture capital were recruited, giving Fouriertransform a total headcount of seven
  • Profit after tax for the quarter amounted to SEK 12.3 (2.4) million
  • Total cash flow was SEK 32.7 (4.3) million, with investments in portfolio companies accounting for SEK -49.0 (0) million including directly attributable costs
  • Cash and bank balances and investments in securities amounted to SEK 2,752 (2,982) million as of June 30, 2010