An active owner that promotes growth in existing companies

An active owner that promotes continued growth in existing holdings.

Through professionalism and individual know-how, Fouriertransform answers for a responsible management of the company's current holdings with the purpose to exit its operations over time.


Fouriertransform’s vision is to contribute to the success o fan internationally competitive Swedish manufacturing industry


Fouriertransform’s goal is to strengthen and vitalize the Swedish industrial cluster. Fouriertransform will provide its owner with a commercial return and help to promote sustainable development through means including investing in companies or projects with a sustainability profile.

Financial goal

Fouriertransform’s goal is to be a long-term industrial partner that invests on a commercial basis.

Sustainability goals

Fouriertransform will work for sustainable industrial development through sustainable value creation in portfolio companies.

Take part of our sustainability goals stated in detail.

Fouriertransform's building blocks 

To fulfill its mission and achieve the established goals, Fouriertransform’s starting point is the following four strategic building blocks, see below.

  • Market - The arena where Fouriertransform operates through its mission in relation to global trends, Sweden’s situation and strengths.
  • Investment process - A well-documented investment process—from initial contact to exit—clearly defined responsibilities, follow-ups and control processes, while ensuring quality of investment decisions.
  • Competence, network - Fouriertransform brings competence, networks and sound ownership governance to help portfolio companies develop.
  • Sustainable value creation - Thanks to our active ownership and a long-term approach, we create the potential for sustainable value creation in portfolio companies.