Corporate governance

Fouriertransform AB is a Swedish limited liability company that is wholly owned by the Swedish Government. The company’s registered office is in Stockholm. The ownership role is exercised by the Government with a mandate from the Swedish parliament to actively manage state assets in such a way as to optimize long-term value creation.

Corporate governance within Fouriertransform is based on the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the Code,, which forms part of the Government’s framework for ownership and administration.The company’s governance is also regulated by Swedish legislation, the Government’s guidelines, policy documents established by the Board, and by internal regulations and documents.

The internal control documents are the Articles of Association, the Rules of Procedure for the Board and Instructions for the CEO, Fouriertransform’s Code of Conduct, including the Sustainability Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy and Ownership Policy, all of which are established by the Board of Directors.

Wholly-owned state enterprises apply their own principles, in place of the Code when preparing for decisions concerning the nomination of board members and auditors.